Name: Lacey Darlene Paulson
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Michigan
Profession: Freelance Filmmaker

Prior to founding Kilo Pictures, Lacey started her professional career at Warner Bros. Pictures. Following a two year stint on their Burbank studio lot, she spent six years traveling the globe working with director Jaume Collet-Serra. She most recently completed a job working with David Goyer on the AppleTV series, Foundation. Happily relocated to London from Michigan, Lacey considers herself a happy person that wants to change the world for the better.
1) What is your definition of happiness?

An overall feeling of contentment and joy.

2) How did you pursue a career in Film?

I thankfully stumbled into it. I had studied advertising in college and moved to New York to intern at an ad agency. I hated it. I also ran out of money and ended up moving to LA. I landed an interview to work in Physical Productions at WB Pictures and that's how it started.

3) In another life, what would you see yourself as?

Definitely a designer. I vacillate between an architect, interior designer or clothing designer. I love finding ways to bring beauty into places, including my home. For a while I was desperate to attend FIDM. I still find myself designing and creating clothing when I can't find pieces I've envisioned.

4) Pick 1 thing that inspires you on a daily basis.

Typical, but it's my dog. Every morning she wakes with boundless energy and excitement. It feels as if she's simply happy to have woken another day. Not because she knows at all what is going to happen that day, but simply because she woke up.

5) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself happily running the company I'm currently building. Providing opportunity to those who wouldn't typically be given it.

6) What is your definition of evil?

Action with intent to inflict physical, emotional or mental pain.

7) If we didn't have money, describe what you see the world as, in your eyes.

That kinda sounds idyllic. I know the value of money, and especially the value to those who don't have it, but I'm sure the barter system would turn into some kind of monopolistic game of manipulation. I tend to believe the best in people, but history has proven that there are selfish pricks in every generation.

8) What is the 1 thing you'd like to teach humans?

Kindness to others.

9) Do you like to plan your future or go-with-the-flow?

I like to plan my future, within reason. I think it's healthy to have goals to look forward to, but setting them with the understanding that sometimes life is life, and things often unfold in ways you can only detect looking back.

10) Pick 1 song that defines your character.

Oddly enough, it's an instrumental song from an Apple commercial. "Green from iPhone 5 Facetime everyday TV advert" by L'Orchestra Cinematique. It's crazy but I really identify with it. I've always identified with piano instrumentals more than any other kind of music.

11) What's your favourite activity?

Eating with friends!

12) If you had only 1 day to live, what would you do?

I would invite all my friends and family over to consume all my favorite foods.

13) What's your biggest dream?

I want to retire in a home large enough to host friends and family, while running a local tchotchke shop on the high street. The shop filled with all the things I've found and loved throughout the years.

14) How are you going to achieve that?

I've started a list of things I've seen and loved. Ie: specific things such as a certain brand of stationery, or vague things like this style of mug, etc.

15) What's the most frustrating thing about your career?

Comparing myself to other successful women that are being written about in the media. It's become a conscious effort to silently thank them for their achievement and try to find the same for myself. But it's a real challenge to shift the paradigm from, "they have taken my small portion of success from me" to "what she has done is incredible and has no direct impact on my ability to achieve".

16) What's the most joyful thing about your career?

Finding friends in the most unlikely of places and people. I desperately love how I can literally travel the world and find someone nearly anywhere that I've worked with, or a friend has worked with, before.

17) What's your goal in the next 2 years?

To purchase my first home in Hampstead Heath!

18) How are you going to achieve that?

Save, save, save! (Also, sell, sell, sell those scripts.)

19) What's your favourite quote?

"Success isn't the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."

20) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ambitious, Thoughtful, Listener