Name: Joe Ashman
Age: 26
Place of Birth: London
Profession: Actor

Joe is an English actor, who has been working since he was 10. He started in the West End in musicals & moved over into screen acting age 21 with a mix of Netflix & BBC series credits. Joe is a vegan & has a lovely pet doggo called Bruno.
1) What is your definition of happiness?

Such a tricky question. I’m finding happiness in the small moments. Like a really deep breath of fresh air on a walk with my doggo or laughing at something really silly with my partner. I suppose happiness can’t be defined when’s it’s ever changing.

2) How did you pursue a career in Acting?

I always wanted to be a footballer player but I was never even close to being good enough. My mum set up a branch of stagecoach and I attended that for a few years before going to an open audition for a west end show, which somehow I ended up getting! Acting always felt really natural and I was fascinated by the world and it’s people. I never really looked back.

3) In another life, what would you see yourself as?

Right now I’d give up most things in my life to be a tennis player. I play as often as I can and I’m ok at it. But I just adore the sport. I’d love to travel round the world attending tournaments playing the sport I’m totally in love with. So tennis!!

4) Pick 1 thing that inspires you on a daily basis.

Yikes these are hard questions! I’m going to go for something not deep and say my dogs cute face. He’s worth getting up for everyday.

5) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maybe slightly more settled, but I can’t even define what settled means. I’d just like to be working. I’ve missed it so much over the last 16 months.

6) What is your definition of evil?

Being cruel to animals. What kind of maniac do you have to be to harm and innocent, loving, sentient being.

7) If we didn't have money, describe what you see the world as, in your eyes.

I’d love to say that without money we’d all being living in a wonderful heavenly like state, but I think that’s thinking with rose tinted glasses…! We’d definitely be living in a more peaceful way with animals. There would be far less animal exploitation, as we wouldn’t be monetising their value.

8) What is the 1 thing you'd like to teach humans?

The importance of protecting our planet! What’s the point of anything in this world, if we don’t have a world to live in?

9) Do you like to plan your future or go-with-the-flow?

I like to plan. But that’s because I really enjoy planning a fun weekend or holiday. But that said it’s also important to be adaptable when things inevitably go wrong..!

10) Pick 1 song that defines your character.

First one that came to my head was ‘dancing’s not a crime’ by panic at the disco... strange!

11) What's your favourite activity?

I’ve already spoken a lot about tennis... hahaha - eating out is so fun. Particularly in Italy.

12) If you had only 1 day to live, what would you do?

I’m torn between doing something I’ve never done or doing something that I love doing. I’d split the day! I’d go and do wine & food tasting in Tuscany & then listen to my record collection with my doggo & partner.

13) What's your biggest dream?

Dream big right? I want to own a selection of holiday home around the world, and skip from one to the next all year round..!

14) How are you going to achieve that?

Great question. Hard work. And also enjoying work too. Can’t spend our entire lives living for the next thing. So I’ll try and enjoy myself along the way...!

15) What's the most frustrating thing about your career?

Inconsistency. I’d work all year round if I could and I really miss it when I’m not working.

16) What's the most joyful thing about your career?

Meeting new people and getting to do something different everyday. New scenes, characters, locations. I love being kept on my toes.

17) What's your goal in the next 2 years?

I want to book a really cool new series & film abroad.

18) How are you going to achieve that?

Same answer as before! Haha - but I’m also doing a lot on manifesting at the moment. I like the concept of manifesting, and it can only have a positive outcome.

19) What's your favourite quote?

It might not be my favourite but it’s one I always think of. ‘After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music’

20) Describe yourself in 3 words.