Name: Daisy Moore
Age: too old
Place of Birth: Nottingham
Profession: Actor/Filmmaker
Daisy Moore is an actor and filmmaker originally from Nottingham. She appeared in Doctors, Poldark, ITV's Cleaning Up and feature Starfish opposite Joanne Froggatt. Last year she also played one of the leads in BFI funded The Lost Land Girl and a multi-lead in Counting To Zero at The Yard Theatre.
Her first short 'Rituals' screened on the BFI.NETWORK, Aesthetica and Carmathran Bay, and she was nominated for Best Woman Director and won best cinematography at LSFF. In 2017 she was selected for SHORTFLIX (SKY & Creative England) a development programme for young writers/directors through which the initial ideas for short '7 Bananas' started brewing which is currently doing the festival circuit and have already screened at BIFA and BAFTA qualifying festivals. Daisy recently won the Curzon x Auga De Madre female film-maker competition with micro-short 'Antidote' which was selected for Depict Shorts and was nominated for IMDbPro Audience Award at Encounters Film Festival 2020.

1) What is your definition of happiness?

It's hard to describe the feeling but being on the beach in Wales where my family used to holiday on the caravan site, just thankful that it's sunny and not raining (because - WALES) and looking down the beach to the horizon. So anything that makes me feel like this.

2) How did you pursue a career in acting and directing?

I got approached by a manager whilst I was doing Fashion Design at Uni. I'd always wanted to do acting but growing up in Nottingham had no idea how. I even rang up Spotlight when I was 16 but they told me I needed an agent so I put the phone down and was like "well, that’s that then". This manager challenged me to get a headshot & showreel scene done, so I did it, when I handed them over to her she said "You'd be surprised how many people say they are going to do it but don't" and signed me. So that was the beginning of being in the industry for me. I feel like a lot of people think after that "well I'm set" but that was just the beginning of the hard work. Directing wise - I made my first short Rituals as something that was meant to be a showreel piece but soon got carried away with the creative side and it turned into a completely different project and more of a creative outlet. From then on, I was lucky it got selected by the BFI and other great festivals.

3) In another life, what would you see yourself as?

A mermaid (if this was a fantasy other life) haha but I studied Fashion Design so I think that, or costume design because I feel like the Fashion Industry was too wasteful for me whenever I did an internship etc OR live by the sea and build my own eco house. I'm a gemini so can never decide!

4) Pick 1 thing that inspires you on a daily basis.

Sounds corny but the sky. It puts everything into perspective.

5) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I want to be working with all my creative friends e.g. in film and have all come up together, now working at the highest level. I want to be working constantly and work with directors/creatives I admire and be creating exciting, nuanced and interesting projects. Projects that interest me acting wise but also aesthectically and stylistically too. I've never been one of those people bothered about owning a house or property as I've always been more excited about having certain experiences but I think in 5 years I would like a place of my own, a safe space - so I can have a floom from my bedroom down to the swimming pool hahaha!

6) What is your definition of evil?

Lack of sympathy/empathy.

7) If we didn't have money, describe what you see the world as, in your eyes.

Opportunity! Also I think with or without money I tend to concentrate on the sky, the sea and the landscapes. I think seeing the world as those phyiscal things is what will always be there to help ground me.

8) What is the 1 thing you'd like to teach humans?

Life is too short to judge other people.

9) Do you like to plan your future or go-with-the-flow?

I think I have to go-with-the-flow in this industry - things never go to plan so what’s the point having one!

10) Pick 1 song that defines your character.

Oh my god it's really difficult! Part Of Your World? Lizzo GOOD AS HELL? ‘Cock Eyes Optimist’ from South Pacific! I can't decide. *Gemini*

11) What's your favourite activity?

Dressing up! Dancing! Being silly!

12) If you had only 1 day to live, what would you do?

Deep sea diving! Absailing - the lot!

13) What's your biggest dream?

Besides from being able to hold my breath for more than 5 minutes underwater this question took me a back. Proving that I'm definitely someone who goes with the flow. I think it used to be playing Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" which nearly happened when they were casting the Sofia Coppola version in 2014 but that project fell through. In a way it still is my dream but I think a role that would equal that. My dream now is just having a good role in a great TV show or film working with a great director/creatives i.e. Joanna Hogg, Sally Potter, Celine Sciamma, John Waters etc. To be in a project like ones I watched when I was younger and that took me to a different world and got quoted 24/7.

14) How are you going to achieve that?

Keep going, be positive, work on my audition techinique and push my directing abilities. It's all I can do.

15) What's the most frustrating thing about your career?

  1. People always want you when they can't have you.
  2. I think the lack of control and creative outlet, which is what led me to filmmaking. I really enjoy it but it’s equally hard to pursue. I worked out recently if you are pursuing two things at once, you can't divide your time, you have to work twice as hard and give your all to both WHILST surviving finanically as well. Which, I'm not going to lie, can be exhausting.

16) What's the most joyful thing about your career?

Apart from getting a role, or getting a commission/funding. I think just being in rooms where you have to pinch yourself, even auditioning for a great role is such a gift. Also, I do try and look at the lack of control as a good thing too, you never know what adventures or situations you will end up in or what will happen - it's exciting!

17) What's your goal in the next 2 years?

I want to find a project I really want to do e.g. I did a BADC stage combat sword fighting course last year and I am putting it into the universe that I will be in the Margot Robbie pirates project. That would be a dream come true. Or get a good TV recurring role where I can kind of relax for a second, knowing my schedule. It's weird, actors' lives are so all over the place until we get a job and then everything is scheduled for us, maybe all we really want is routine after all? Also to get a US visa (or at this point marry an american haha) and US representation to enable me to work overseas.
Film wise - I want to make another short film (hopefully with some of the great production companies I've been talking to) and develop a feature, but not to pressure myself to do that if I don't feel I'm ready. Only do it if I enjoy it. I want to do projects that examine a moment or a feeling that is hard to describe and that feels new.

18) How are you going to achieve that?

Keep going, be positive, work on my audition technique, collaborate and push my directing abilities. It's all I can do. Focus on myself and what I'm doing instead of other people. I want to try and plan and target certain projects/people working on it to get cast, really set a bulls-eye target for myself.

19) What's your favourite quote?

Adams Family Values is one of my most quoted movies of all time, the script is just so darkly sharp "So I-I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren't I a human being? Don't I yearn, and ache, and... shop? Don't I deserve love... and jewelry?" Debbie in Adams Family Values 1993

20) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Curious. Indecisive. Quietly Determined.