Name: Ayoola Smart
Age: 27
Place of Birth: UK but raised in Ireland 
Profession: Actor

Ayoola Smart is an Irish, Nigerian, English actor from West Cork.
Ayoola spent a large portion of her formative years surrounded by nature and in the sea, (this is where you will find her at her happiest), and her interests outside of acting lie there, with nature, the planet and how we relate to each other, our surroundings and the impact that has individually, together and politically. Oh, and a good book and boogie ;)
Graduating from East 15 Acting School in 2016 Ayoola has since worked extensively across multiple media platforms. From Taming of the Shrew and Romeo & Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe to film 'Juliet, Naked' alongside Ethan Hawke and Rose Bryne and TV including BBC's Killing Eve S3, Les Misérables and, most recently; Death in Paradise and Season 1 & 2 of RTÉ and BBC Studio’s hit Irish noir drama, Smother. She also works as a voice over artist from Commercials for Venus and Colgate to audiobooks ‘Away with the Penguins’ (Penguin) and Adele Park’s Game Over (Harper Collins) She is currently working on a long-term Motion Capture Project.

1) What is your definition of happiness?

The Sun shining.

2) How did you pursue a career in Acting?

I pursued my career from a young age. I always wanted to perform, so I
geared myself towards it through acting, dance and singing, until I could
go to drama school at 18. I was adamant that I would go to London to
train so that was my focus.

3) In another life, what would you see yourself as?

Either working in the humanitarian sector, an eco architect and interior
designer or a phsycologist.

4) Pick 1 thing that inspires you on a daily basis.


5) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being able to choose what acting jobs I would like to take on, more
comfortable in self, and hopefullllly published.

6) What is your definition of evil?


7) If we didn't have money, describe what you see the world as, in your eyes.

Freer & dare I say fairer?  - though something would inevitably replace it.

8) What is the 1 thing you'd like to teach humans?


9) Do you like to plan your future or go-with-the-flow?

A bit of both, a plan short term but like to let life take me where it’s
meant to go in the bigger picture.

10) Pick 1 song that defines your character.

That’s hard!
Maybe?? Alaska by Maggie Rogers.

11) What's your favourite activity?

Sea swimming.

12) If you had only 1 day to live, what would you do?

Spend the day with my best friends & family on a big walk that takes us
to a beach, have a swim, a bonfire fire, sing songs, then shower off and
sleep in the camper watching one of my favourite shows/films.

13) What's your biggest dream?

Not let fear stand in my way.

14) How are you going to achieve that?

Feel the fear and do it anyway ;)

15) What's the most frustrating thing about your career?

Not knowing when you’re next going to work.

16) What's the most joyful thing about your career?

It’s always a new adventure & the ability to constantly meet new people.

17) What's your goal in the next 2 years?

Land a leading role that challenges me.

18) How are you going to achieve that?

Keep on going.

19) What's your favourite quote?

One of my favourites- “Be realistic: Plan for a miracle” - Osho

20) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Calm, Goofy, Intuitive.